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Anita Argent


Stats: 5'6"
Degree: BA  Human Relations
Location: Bay Area & L.A. , CA
Willing to travel

Anita is a dedicated actor and is actively pursuing her dream. Her accomplishments have included being cast in leading and supporting roles in numerous independent films, television, Japanese and Filipino television series, the History Channel, commercials, and voice-over spots. Anita has been a producer and actor in web series  most recently an Executive Producer , co-creator as well as lead in Hush The Series. 


Anita has representation in San Francisco and Los Angeles as she travels betweens both locations for work. 

To hone her skills, she studies with Matthew Barry, Kate McGregor Stewart and Christy English Wioncek of Bay Area Acting Studio and is also managed and coached by Christy. She also trains with Amy Reece and Annie Grindlay. She has studied with Warner Loughlin, and continues to take various acting workshops. In 2009 she joined Integrity Casting as part of their actor/mentoring program. She began her training with Terry McGovern of Marin Actors Workshop and Cynthia Brian of Starstyle® Productions who at the time was her personal coach and advisor.

Anita Argent is a courageous, disciplined, creative woman. Her past pursuits include a successful career in sales and the development of her own thriving, management consulting business.

Currently, her recreational activities include photography, dancing, and hiking. As a health conscious, spiritual woman, she enjoys creating gourmet, organic meals, working out, and reading tarot. Anita balances her life with the unconditional love and support of her husband and twin daughters.

Acting is Anita Argent’s soul path. Anita wants her performances to inspire and entertain people and encourage them to follow their hearts.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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